I'm Madison, I'm 19, a Christian, and I'm currently an Interior Architect student in UWE (Bristol)

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Two Pictures from my weekend! Seriously awesome!

Steff is back from Hillsong College in Australia for a month, and Mark Stevens came from Abundant Life Church in Bradford to our Church in Llanelli! And so we put on a concert on Saturday, and then had amazing services yesterday! :) 

So proud of everyone! The welcoming team, the band, the cleaners, the people who served in the kitchen, just everyone who took part in making such a brilliant weekend possible!

I still can’t get over how quick it went by, but in that short time.. a few peoples lives changed, and I just hope you’ll help me pray for them! I just pray that they won’t just go away, and think that’s the end of it.. but that they go to a church and really get involved and to further their relationship with God!

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